Dispatches E-News: Nightmare Makers, Caring for Dolphins & Bull Kelp (10/30/19)

Secrets from the Deep (Part 2)

Marine scientist Dean Grubbs and his team set long-lines for sharks, including some of the biggest predatory species in the world, like tiger sharks and the elusive, deep-dwelling sixgill shark. Taking samples from one of these sixteen-foot monsters will give the team a better idea what impacts the Deepwater Horizon oil had and is continuing to have on the Gulf’s deep water residents. The team also catches King snake eels — poorly understood eels that seem to only occur in certain parts of the Gulf of Mexico. And your nightmares.


GulfCast: Cynthia Smith: Marine Mammals in the Gulf

Dr. Cynthia Smith (NMMF) is a marine mammal veterinarian. She and her team are responsible for the medical care and well-being of the US Navy’s dolphin population in San Diego. Dr. Smith is applying what she has learned about the Navy’s dolphins to the conservation of their wild counterparts — particularly in the Gulf of Mexico where their population has been struggling with low fertility and failed pregnancies.


Northern California’s coasts are turning into underwater deserts

Urchin barrens are the new normal in the once-flourishing ecosystem.

Francesca Koe has competed in freediving events all over the world, including vibrant tropical seas. Even so, the cold waters off Northern California’s coast are special to her. As an ocean advocate and advisory council member for the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, she appreciates the area for its natural wonders. “There’s nothing like diving in Northern California,” she says, “in terms of the biodiversity, the wilderness, the beauty.”


Photo Courtesy of Kevin Joe (CDFW).

Science Continually Evolves
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The Story of GoMRI
Not long after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster, the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI) was created. Designed to fund an investigation of the largest offshore oil spill in history, GoMRI quickly became one of the most successful research collaborations in marine science history. Today, as the initiative’s efforts draw to a close, the breadth of research is unprecedented. It’s an amazing story—one that started with a single phone call.
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The Dispatches from the Gulf Documentaries
In the aftermath of Deepwater Horizon, a global team of scientists is working together to understand its environmental impact on humans, wildlife, and the ecosystem with the ultimate goal of learning how to better cope with future oil spills. Follow them over 10 years of remarkable research.

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