Dispatches E-News: Man-Made Technological Disasters, Robot Love & Join Us at IOFF on March 8 (02/06/19)

Meet Tracie Sempier: Helping the People of the Gulf

Tracie Sempier is a coastal storms outreach coordinator. She describes how, after Deepwater Horizon, her focus shifted from helping people handle natural disasters like hurricanes to helping people recover from man-made technological disasters like oil spills.


GulfCast: The Whale Who Fell In Love With a Robot

Dr. Scott Socolofsky tells us about the long path that led him to study Deepwater Horizon oil in the depths of the Gulf of Mexico — culminating with the amazing story of a whale who fell love with a robot.


‘Dispatches from the Gulf 2’ Selected by the International Ocean Film Festival

Out of hundreds of films submitted from around the world, a blue-ribbon panel of judges has just selected “Dispatches from the Gulf 2,” for the 16th International Ocean Film Festival. Held in San Francisco on March 7-10, 2019, the festival is the premier venue in North America for ocean-related films, dedicated to increasing public awareness of the environmental, social, and cultural importance of marine ecosystems.


Dispatches from the Gulf 1: Science • Community • Recovery
In the years after Deepwater Horizon – the biggest offshore oil spill in U.S. history – a global team of scientists is working together to understand its environmental impact on humans, wildlife, and the ecosystem with the ultimate goal of learning how to better cope with future oil spills.
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Dispatches from the Gulf 2: Research • Innovation • Discovery
Experience remarkable stories from the unprecedented scientific mission to study the continuing impacts of Deepwater Horizon find new ways to ease the devastation. Includes the never-before-documented drama of bottlenose dolphins struggling to survive, and the capture of one of the world’s largest predatory sharks.
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